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As I am typing this I am smoking on a Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully. This is the cigar that I started with over a year ago. A journey that has had highs and lows, Connecticut’s and maduro’s, churchills and robustos.

This site has been a thought of mine for a while. A place for a new cigar smoker to come and share their experiences and have easy to read reviews and tips. I am newer to the world of cigars, but am blown away by the depth of this rich industry. I will say that starting out I just grabbed a cigar I had heard of and lit it, burning the hell out of the end and puffing like a fish. As I fought my way through that first cigar I realized that this could be a great thing, but I needed to learn more. I became more and more interested in the different types of cigars; flavors, brands, history, and merchandise.

I started this site to give the new (Newb) cigar smoker a resource that is easy to read and makes sense. There will be reviews, probably with out all the fanciness of other sites I have seen, they will be accurate and easy to follow. I will update whats in my humidor and hope that visitors will suggest what is good and share their thoughts. I will also be keeping up with the industry and discussing some of the stogies on the horizon.

Looking forward to sharing my journey and hope you will to.

~The CigarNewb





  • DonLopezCigars@gmail.com'
    Yunior Lopez

    Hi Brenan

    Hope this message finds you well. My name is Yunior Lopez and I’m the head representative of Don Lopez Cigars – a small cigar company based out of Florida producing fine premium cigars. We believe in quality over quantity and all of our cigars are made by a single Cuban roller using the finest leaves from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, which enable us to create a variety of blends.

    Needless to say, I have tons of info on our cigars, but that isn’t the main reason why I’m emailing you. We’re actually currently looking to expand into Arizona and thought it would be great to get our cigars out there through social media. You’re twitter and cigarnewb site is a great source so we thought to approach you about trying one of our top cigars.

    I’m more than happy to send you a sample box of our best selling cigar – El Gran Robusto Maduro available in two sizes (5.5 x 54 and 6 x 60), which is a 100% Nicaraguan cigar with a 5 year-old aged wrapper.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Yunior Lopez
    USA, 305-457-9359
    CANADA, 647-520-9644

    • brenan@bzinni.com'

      Hello Yunior,

      I would be happy to review your cigars and post a feature on the site along with twitter. Let me know if your offer still stands.


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