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Warped Cigars La Colmena



Warped Cigars KyleI stopped by the Warped Cigars booth at IPCPR2014 as was greeted by Kyle Gellis, president of Warped Cigars. The first thing that stood out to me was the amazing attention to detail in absolutely everything within the booth. Kyle has amazing design style and it shows in all aspects of his business. Cigars are just the tip of the iceberg. He offers up the “jaridor”, a 25-count badass humidor. Sophistication oozing travel cigar cases, and botl bracelets that will have you begging to find one to purchase, if you can. These products are often limited run and exclusive. If that wasn’t enough, you then have his cigars. Oh how good are these cigars. As Kyle showed me around, he described the superb craftsmanship that has been put into every single cigar. A classic Cuban triple cap on his El Oso cigar and classic Cuban foot on the La Colmena, all masterfully rolled by true category 9 rollers all hailing from Cuba. I was given a La Colmena to try and good lord is it a thing of beauty, review is below.

Brand: Warped Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Deflorada

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican

Strength: Mild – Medium

Size: Petit Lancero 6.0 x 36

Price: $14.50


Only 100 of these cigars are masterfully constructed per day in Little Havana, Miami. The wrapper is honey golden brown with a unique closed foot that is referred to as a “classic cuban foot”.  The band is pure modernistic perfection. The design is flawless with its brownish golden mustard tones. I get a sweet musky pepper smell from the wrapper.LaColmena Foot

First puffs– As warned when given this pre-release, it’s addicting. There is sweet white pepper that shows a creamy mallow flavor. The smoke is decadent, you can’t stop smoking it. Smoke production is lite, draw is a bit tight.
LaColmena Smoked

First third– As I retrohale I get notes of oak and honey sweetness. The white pepper is subtle but still there. I noticed that it somehow became even creamier and smooth. The aroma from this cigar is fantastic, letting off a sweet musk that permeates the air. The draw has loosened, producing more smoke now.

Second third– As I get to the middle the flavors shift toward a milky caramel. There is almost a cooling wintergreen effect to it. Notes of espresso and pepper weave in and out.
LaColmena Final Smoked

Final third– Pepper increases a bit but with that there is a stronger honey, graham, and caramel flavor. Almost the same as the first third. Super creamy and smooth.


Overall this is an absolute MUST BUY cigar. This is no joke people. It has been a while since a cigar has truly surprised me. The La Colmena has it all; Classic good looks, flawless construction, and superb flavors. You will truly kick yourself if you do not buy a box of these, they warrant the price that they have been given. I can tell you first hand that knowing what effort has been put into the cigar, it shows when smoked. The flavors are perfectly balanced and create a fantastic experience from start to finish. This cigar is suitable for all smokers, new and old alike.

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