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L’Atelier Surrogates Cracker Crumbs


What seems to be a growing trend in the boutique cigar market, reusing previous blend in a smaller vitola makes for a tasty cigar. L’Atelier has taken this concept and produced Cracker Crumbs which borrows from the previous Animal Cracker. L’Atelier’s IPCPR 2014 introduced a full line of smaller cigars in 5 packs, meant to be a premium long filler cigar with 30-45 minute smoke time.

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L’Atelier MAD54


Brand: L’Atelier Imports

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaragua, Sancti Spíritus

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Robusto (Petit) 4.5 x 54

Price: $8.00


Founded by Pete Johnson (Tatuaje) in 2012, this 2013 release highlights how quickly they have ascended the cigar ranks. At first glance you will be enticed by the rich deep chocolate brown wrapper. It has a silky sheen with prominent lines. I really enjoy the simple yet sophisticated band on this cigar. The gold border with gold and silver leaves just sets up nicely against the wrapper. Oh the smells! So sweet with cocoa it’s indulgent. The cold draw is sweet and spicy.

First puffs– Bold spices of white pepper and a raw cocoa mix, it’s a short blast but kicks it off nicely. The draw was a bit tight for my liking, which caused poor smoke production.
First third– Pepper continues it’s dominance but tends to yield a bit more to the creaminess of the cocoa. The draw has loosened up and is producing decent smoke now. The construction is superb as my ash will show, packed to perfection.

L'Atelier MAD54 smoked

Second third– The center of the cigar had to have been dipped in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, it’s just to damn creamy and delicious. The pepper is all but gone and there is a hint of nuttiness and oak. Draw is great now and is puffing nicely.

L'Atelier MAD54 Nub

Final third– Still moving along nicely. Not really any change in the flavor profile. I did however get a bit more spice hitting me towards the very end.

Overall a fantastic cigar that proves even though L’Atelier Imports is a newer cigar company, through superb construction and carefully planned flavors that pay homage to the Behike, they have crafted a superb cigar. I would highly recommend this cigar for anyone looking to kick back relax after a hard day. The creamy smooth cocoa and spices are sure to melt the day away. Be sure to pick up a few of these cigars as you will most definitely want to smoke more than one.

To find out more visit L’Atelier Imports and twitter @LAtelierImports

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