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Epicurean AG Azul Vintage 2008


Brand: Epicurean

Wrapper: Sun-grown Habano from Ecuador

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Jalapa and Esteliano

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto 6.0 x 50

Price: $9.50


Steve Ysidron started producing cigars for House of Emilio in 2012, bringing with him 30+ years of cigar industry knowledge. This is evident in his fantastic cigar the AG Azul Vintage 2008. From the wrapper I get a nice sweet tobacco scent. The smooth tan Habano has a gorgeous oily wrapper. The presentation is beautifully done. A black and silver band with a cedar jacket and silk wrapped around the foot. Cold draw has a bit of a sweet peppery taste.

Epicurean AG Azul 2

First puffs– I’m getting a floral taste mixed with lite notes of pepper. The draw is good along with the starting of the burn which started out perfect.
First third– This cigar is developing nicely becoming very creamy with cocoa and floral being the main flavors. I also get a nice toasted type taste as well. The draw is really nice now, effortless and is producing a fair amount of smoke.

Epicurean AG Azul Smoked

Second third– There is more pepper and wood taste now that come forward. The cocoa notes linger but are there holding down the underlying flavors. The burn is very nice, just slightly off at times.
Final third– Very smooth and creamy now. The cocoa is really enjoyable and just sets up the pepper nicely.

Epicurean AG Azul nub

Overall a really solid cigar that was extremely enjoyable to smoke. This is the perfect cigar for a weekend summer night when you want to relax. The cocoa and pepper are executed very well and provide a creamy flavorful smoke that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Do purchase, Do smoke, Do repeat.

To find out more visit Epicurean Cigars and twitter @live4 (Steve Ysidron)

American Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association


From the blog of Emilio Cigars, Gary Griffith has posted some fantastic news that I personally hope comes to fruition. The introduction of a boutique cigar association can only help the industry and cigar smokers alike.

“Last weekend at the DC Tweetup the idea of a Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association came up, and I instantly knew the House of Emilio would be on board.

A more formal announcement will come in a few weeks, but in the interim I’d like to invite small manufacturers to contact me to gauge interest.

Our purpose will be to demonstrate to our elected representatives that we are American small businesses, and to garner support in that way.

Obviously this whole idea is in its infancy, and going forward we will be able to more clearly define our purpose as more and more of our fellow passionate brand owners come on board.

My best wishes to all my fellow manufacturers in the industry. Let’s hear from those interested, and get the ball rolling.

Gary Griffith”

Emilio Cigars Blog

Emilio Cigars AF2


Brand: Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua, Pennsylvania Ligero

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Toro 6.0 x 50

Price: $6.50


Produced and blended by legendary craftsman A.J. Fernandez in in Esteli, Nicaragua with Emilio Cigars, we get the AF2. Second cigar in this line with A.J. Fernandez, presents a beautiful Ecuadoran Habano oscuro wrapper that entices the onlooker. The wrapper is very classic with clean lines along with some dark blemishes. The cigar has a sweet tobacco with faint spice scent that is extremely pleasing. That carries over to the cold draw, the spice comes through quite a bit more though. As far as the band goes, it’s simple, very simple. Straight to the point with name and cigar type on a copper background.

First puffs– I get a strong pepper hit that is paired with a creamy dark chocolate that really carries the pepper well and delivers a flavor punch. The draw is pretty tight, but I find most toro’s are.

Emilio Cigars AF2 Smoked

First third– This is a flavor bomb of a cigar. The chocolate is just oozing out of this along with deep leather and and I pick up some molasses as well. Really enjoyable flavor combinations so far. I find the draw to still be a little tighter than normal, but it is not limiting smoke production, it is flowing.
Second third– Now mellowing out and leveling to a nice creamy smooth smoke. Spices are picking up while the chocolate and so caramel like flavor is introduced. The construction is amazing and is producing a fantastic clean ash. The draw is improved, loosened to a nice medium level.

Emilio Cigars AF2 mid

Final third– The flavor profile remains the same but becomes stronger. Each flavor takes turns showcasing what it can do. Still creamy and delicious. Draw is great along with smoke production

Overall a really enjoyable cigar that is jam packed with flavors. I found the opening of this cigar to be among the best I have ever had. Even though this has been out for a few years, I highly suggest revisiting this cigar and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed at all. I have found Emilio Cigars to produce some of the best constructed pure flavor cigars on the market today. Grab a few and stock your humidor, enjoy the full flavors that are provided in the AF2.

To find out more visit Emilio Cigars and twitter @EmilioCigars

Emilio Cigars Los Regalos Quetzal


Brand: Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan & Dominican

Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Toro 6.0 x 50

Price: $8.50


There are 4 blends in the series, as well as a Los Regalos Vintage 2006, comprised entirely of tobaccos from the 2006 harvest. The Los Regalos Quetzal was designed with a Mayan theme in mind. The wrapper is very enticing standard maduro with classic construction, lightly visible lines. A sweet smell pours out and smells like autumn after a rain storm. The band is simple and straight forward but has a cool Central America vibe to it. The cold draw is sweet with just the faintest of spices.

First puffs– A oak and pepper combo comes through pretty steady. I also taste some nutmeg in the back of my palette along with a hint of cocoa. The draw was very tight and I had some issues with smoke production. Contraction is a different story, burn started out great.

Emilio Cigars Los Regalos Quetzal burn

First third– This cigar doesn’t hold back on the flavors it’s presenting. The rich pepper and oak flavors just meld together in perfect harmony. There is nice creaminess to each puff as well. The burn is impeccable, this ash is so tight that if it weren’t grey, I would think the cigar wasn’t lit yet. Flawless almost.
The draw has loosened a bit and is smoking well.

Emilio Cigars Los Regalos Quetzal smoked

Second third– I don’t get much change in flavor, maybe just a pinch more cocoa sweetness but not much. Again the oak and pepper mix remains constant. The draw has loosened quit a bit more and is smoking almost perfectly. This along with the amazing burn, just makes this cigar so enjoyable so far.

Emilio Cigars Los Regalos Quetzal nub

Final third– Again no change in flavor profile. But that isn’t to be seen as a bad thing. This cigar is creamy and smooth with solid flavor choices. Draw remains great along with smoke production and burn.

Overall a flavorful cigar that manages to stay steady in flavor throughout but not become boring to smoke. The real standout here is the masterful construction and quality that the Quezal provides. At first glance you would assume this is a simple cigar, but whats under the wrapper is a flavor bomb. I highly suggest trying these cigars out and explore what I found to be a really tasty cigar.

To find out more visit Emilio Cigars and twitter @EmilioCigars

Ezra Zion Eminence


Brand: Ezra Zion

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan

Filler: Grade AA Nicaraguan Tobaccos Aged 5 to 7 Years

Strength: Medium

Size: Belicoso Gran Toro 5.0 x 58

Price: $12.00


The Ezra Zion Eminence is the first non-Nicaraguan puro which Ezra Zion has produced. It has a sweet smelling oily wrapper, with a clean finish in the wrapper lines. This wrapper has such a deep rich maduro, it is very inviting. The band on this cigar is very grandiose. Black and silver with angels holding up the EZ logo. A dual band cigar with Eminence on the bottom band, which underneath has twitter and site info which is genius. The cold draw is loose and has mild tobacco with a hint of spice taste to it.

First puffs– Boom! A rush of deep pepper and wood. It lasts a moment and then smooths out to introduce a more earthy flavor. The initial draw is superb, allowing smoke production to flow nicely.

Ezra Zion Eminence Smoked

First third– This cigar is smoking like a chimney in December back on the east coast. Such a smooth effortless draw. The pepper has fallen back and instead a rich chocolate and molasses forms to even out the flavors. I also pick up a bit of an almond butter creaminess that really adds some baseline flavor. The ash is a bit off, not burning evenly.
Second third– Smoke production has fallen off a bit but the draw is still loose. The rich chocolate just oozes out of this section of the cigar. There is a softer white pepper taste to this part as well that sits nicely after each puff.

Ezra Zion Eminence nub

Final third– Pepper has come back a bit and is weaving in and out of the chocolate that remains constant. The sweetness of the molasses also seeps through again which is refreshing. I had to relight it a couple of times which is surprising since it started out so strong.
Overall a fantastic cigar that will shock your taste buds with the flavor that is produced. The mixture of black and white pepper with chocolate and molasses is perfect. I expect that Ezra Zion will continue to produce rich satisfying cigars if this is to be an indicator of whats to come.

To find out more visit Ezra Zion and twitter @EzraZionCigars

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