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Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte


Brand: Nomad Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Size: Corona 5.5 x 44

Price: $8.00


I was super excited to get the chance to review the Nomad Fuerte as I follow Fred Rewey @godfadr on twitter and he is probably one of the coolest guys in the industry.  So when I received this cigar I couldn’t wait to review it. The smell is lite and airy with soft hints of tobacco. I get a subtle pepper shot from the cold draw. The band is very simple though, only showing the company logo and the twitter handle @godfadr (awesome social media integration).

Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte smoked

First puffs– Pepper and an extremely deep cedar flavor hit right away and hit hard. Umm someone forgot to tell Fred Rewey this was a Connecticut cigar. A pretty powerful start for a whats supposed to be mild. Draw is good and producing a good amount of smoke along with it.
First third– After the serious start, it clears the way for a creamy buttery smoke. Still has hints of cedar and pepper, along with a slight cashew nutty taste. This cigar should be nicknamed Margarine, it’s so buttery, probably butter infused for a month in a vault. Really it is making this creamy and enjoyable. The draw and construction are top notch.
Second third– There is still a slight pepper lingering, which makes this unique, it has a nice bite to it. I get a bit more of a nutty flavor during this second half, paired with that creamy butter.

Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte Final

Final third– Here we go again, the pepper is surging back and hits pretty hard. This is a fitting way to bring the cigar to a close, showing that its meant to stand out and set its self apart. Continuing through this last third is the buttery creaminess and its still drawing like a champ.


Overall an amazingly unique take on the Connecticut. You may be thinking to yourself going into the cigar, like I did, “Oh its just another Connecticut, its going to be a boring smoke.” WRONG!! Its not boring. Nomad Cigars took what could have been a portfolio filler cigar and flipped it upside down, making a cigar that stands out above the rest. If your a new smoker looking to jump forward to a stronger cigar, this is the perfect bridge for that. This will also surprise a lot of seasoned smokers out there. I would suggest buying a fiver and storing some, as you will want to smoke more than one.

To find out more visit Nomad Cigars and twitter @GodFadr



1502 Black Gold Lancero


Brand: Global Premium Cigars

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaragua (Double Binder)

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Size: Lancero 7.0 x 40

Price: $8.00


I was privileged to have received the Black Gold Lancero from House of Emilio to review. This was exciting as I loved the 1502 Emerald I had a month ago. 1502 cigars described the cigar on their site; “This particular cigar is made to satisfy the discerning smoker who enjoys bold and strong flavors.”  A fantastic description that fits this cigar to a T. The super dark brown maduro wrapper has a nice spicy and sweet scent to it. I get a slight hint of pepper from the cold draw. The foot has a partially closed tip which is unique, as I have never seen the foot presented this way before.

First puffs– A rush of thick black pepper envelops my tongue and engulfs the senses. Beneath is a deep oak flavor that seems to bolster the pepper. I also get a little taste of coffee mixed in. Initial draw is very smooth producing a ton of smoke.

1502 Black Gold Lancero

First third– The pepper has calmed down giving way to the coffee and oak flavors. The burn is phenomenal on this cigar and is producing a nice white ash. Creamy and smooth so far.
Second third– As I transition there is a blast of pepper again followed shortly after by a sweet molasses. Burn continues to be sharp and is producing a ton of smoke.

1502 Black Gold Lancero Second

Final third– The pepper really ramps back up, continuing it’s dominance in this cigar. A touch of cocoa compliments the coffee and oak.

Overall a fantastic smoking cigar that is definitely made for the seasoned smoker out there. The pepper is the main component used throughout this cigar but the cocoa really hits your sweet tooth. I would not go near this cigar if you are a light smoker or a newbie, the strength is on the full side all the way through. For the seasoned smokers however, this is a must try.

To find out more visit Global Premium Cigars and twitter @GPCigars
1502 Black Gold Lancero band





Epicurean Gonzo Santeria


Brand: Epicurean

Wrapper: San Andres

Binder: San Andres, Nicaraguan Jalapa

Filler: 2009 Nicaraguan Jalapa and Condega

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Heina (Toro) 6.0 x 52

Price: $11.00


The Gonzo Santeria is loosely based off of the 2007 Gonzo. Containing Epicureans first use of a San Andres wrapper, adding a bit more strength to the overall cigar. The eagerly awaited line of cigars were delayed to a cedar shortage for the boxes, pushing the release to 2014 instead of late 2013. The wait was well worth it. The pigtail cap box pressed wrapper has an earthy musty scent to it, with a touch of tobacco sweetness. A creamy chocolate wrapper draws you in at first glance. You will notice the band is pretty straight forward with all the info just sitting there. The cold draw has a bit of peppery spice that tingles the tip of my tongue.

Epicurean Gonzo Santeria
Epicurean Gonzo Santeria
First puffs– A rush of pepper spice and some cocoa undertones. The draw is slow and steady with a nice even burn.
First third– The spice is still in the front of the flavor profiles, with a nice espresso and cocoa riding along with it. This makes a very creamy smooth mixture. The draw has opened a bit more and is very easy to smoke now. Burn remains even and is producing a fair amount of smoke.

Epicurean Gonzo Santeria Smoked

Second third– Spices have fallen back and there is now an earthy cocoa mixture. It is lite and smooth, leaving a rich espresso note on the tongue. I also get a sweetness after that resembles a cherry flavor.
Final third– The cocoa is now fully coming through and is really creamy. Followed up with a nice earth and nuttiness to round it out. The burn has been steady the whole cigar, great craftsmanship. Smoke production has also been great and is still going strong.

Epicurean Gonzo Santeria Nub

Overall a fantastic smoke that I know will appeal to any seasoned cigar smoker out there. I would be cautious if you are a newer smoker however, as the spice may not sit well with you. The mixture of cocoa and peppery spices are spot on and really show Ysidron’s passion come to life. The craftsmanship is seen throughout the cigar while smoking. Pick some up and you will not regret it.


To find out more visit Epicurean Cigars and twitter @live4 (Steve Ysidron)

Emilio Cigars Series H


Brand: Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Jamastran (Honduran) Ligero Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan & Costa Rican

Filler: Nicaraguan & Costa Rican

Strength: Medium-Full

Size: Robusto 5.5 x 50

Price: $7.00


The Emilio Series H Maduro comes from Nicaragua and gets the H from its Honduran wrapper. The wrapper is a mix of dark brown and light brown swirled in and is extremely pleasing to the eye. With very strong visible leaf lines it just draws you in. The wrapper has a sweet raisin like smell to it that combines with a natural tobacco finish. I really like the elegance of the band on this cigar, with its gold border and a red floral vine pattern on the back. The cold draw had a pepper that sticks to the tongue and holds.

Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro
Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro
First puffs– The cigar starts with a rich pepper and cocoa mix. There is also a nice wood note that is under the other flavors. The draw is clean and open with a solid burn.
First third– The pepper has mellowed out almost being gone and I’m getting a bunch of smooth cocoa and some cashew as well. Cocoa is still present as well. The draw is great but the burn is a bit uneven now.

Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro Smoked

Second third– During the transition it is bringing more of the wood notes paired with the cocoa, nut, and the taste of some ground coffee. Draw is really easy going and I burned the edge to even the draw back to normal and back on track now. The smoke production is medium.
Final third– Pepper and cocoa return to the front of the flavor profile. Coffee and cashew follow and bring a really nice creaminess to this cigar.

Emilio Cigars Series H nub

Overall a really enjoyable cigar that highlights the quality that cocoa and coffee notes bring to the mix of a cigar. As a Maduro I found it to be on the lighter end thus making this a fantastic entry level Maduro for newer smokers out there. For the price you cant beat the smokabilty and flavor.


To find out more visit Emilio Cigars and twitter @EmilioCigars



1502 Emerald


Brand: Global Premium Cigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan and Mexican San Andres

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Toro 6.0 x 50

Price: $7.00



The 1502 Emerald is part of a trio of cigars that focus on “Fina Fuerte” (Fine Strong). Blended to have a subtle strength, with flavor and aroma that could only be achieved with the blend of Corojo Habano de Nicaragua, long fillers from San Andres – Mexico and fields from Estelí and Condega in Nicaragua. The wrapper has a soft sweet tobacco scent that is oh so inviting. It has a nice light tan wrapper with prominent lines. The band is straightforward and simple, green with gold embossed lettering. The cold draw has a sweetness and a slight pepper.

1502 Emerald Lit

First puffs– right away I get a fantastic white pepper note mixed with a deep cedar. The draw is effortless and is producing a ton of smoke.
First third– White pepper continued to be the highlighted flavor. There are some hints of floral and wood underneath. Not usually the focus but I must point out how effortless this cigar is to smoke. The draw is open, impeccable, and is billowing smoke. Also producing a very clean burn line.
Second third– Flavor profile remains the same with the addition of some nuttiness to it, very nicely balanced. The white pepper is a tad stronger in the second half of this cigar. Still drawing, smoking, and burning amazingly well.

1502 Emerald Smoked

Final third– I taste more of the floral in this last third of the cigar, mixed with the white pepper and cedar. I also get a faint sweetness as well. The burn has become a bit uneven but it is drawing very nicely still.


Overall a fantastic example of a white pepper flavor cigar. The highlight of this cigar was the construction and craftsmanship involved. I enjoyed the looseness of the smoke and the burn was great. A really great smoke for anyone who loves pepper and floral notes within the cigar. I would definitely suggest trying and expanding your taste to a whole new level.


To find out more visit Global Premium Cigars and twitter @GPCigars

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