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1502 Nicaragua


1502 Cigars Enrique Sanchez

Hang out with Enrique Sanchez for just 10 minutes, you will feel like you have been transported to Nicaragua. He absolutely oozes with pride and love for cigars and the industry as a whole. His passion for his cigars is second to none. We had some time to go over his upcoming release which he felt needed to stay true to his home Nicaragua and be 100% Nicaraguan. He did this by pulling tobaccos from four major regions Esteli, Condega, Jalapa, and Ometepe. By doing this has created a true Nicaraguan experience in a cigar. He was gracious to offer one for review at IPCPR 2014 and that is fully reviewed below.

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Ezra Zion Tantrum


Brand: Ezra Zion

Wrapper: Limited 1999 Cuban Seed, Corojo

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Size: Box Pressed Petit Corona  4 11/25″ x 44

Price: $9.50


The Tantrum cigar is made in one size – a small box-pressed “Prensado Pequeño” or Petit Corona. A small cigar that packs a mighty punch. Wrapper has a soft hint of tobacco sweetness with a touch of spice. The cold draw reflects that spice as well. The wrapper is powdery light cocoa brown. Double bands adorn this cigar. With the classic Ezra Zion logo and “Tantrum Edicion Limitada” on the foot band. When they say limited, it is just that. Only 1500 boxes total world production will be made ever, then they are gone.

Ezra Zion Tantrum smoked

First puffs– A heavy black pepper rushes through. There are also deep cedar and earth flavors. An extremely strong start. The draw is insane, it’s like a chimney.
First third– the pepper settles down and gives way to a creamy transition. Including flavors of natural tobacco and a salty cocoa that is faint but noticeable.  Still smoking like crazy, drawing very easy.

Ezra Zion Tantrum smoked middle

Second third– Pepper remains the constant, picking back up in strength. There is still a nice creaminess though. Earth and cedar are also still present.  Draw and smoke production are amazing.
Final third– I am getting more natural tobacco and some soft cocoa now, with pepper following behind it. Smoke has slowed down a bit.


Overall an extremely powerful cigar that will trick you with its small size and then hit you with its powerful pepper notes. This is definitely for the seasoned smoker out there. But if you are into heavily peppered cigars, than this is the one to smoke. For sure pick these up if you can find them, as they are extremely limited and may not see it again.


To find out more visit Ezra Zion and twitter @EzraZionCigars


Ezra Zion Tantrum bands

Guayacan Habano


Brand: Guayacan by Noel Rojas

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: ’98 Nicaraguan Aganorsa Corojo

Filler: ’98 Nicaraguan Aganorsa Corojo

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto 5.0 x 50

Price: $6.50


Noel Rojas a Cuban born cigar master, came to America with his passion for cigars, this is proven in his Guayacan Habano release. Joining up with House of Emilio to produce a fantastic offering for the cigar aficionados. The wrapper has nice sweet tobacco scent that is pretty strong. Classic brown toothy leaf. The double band is very nice and you can tell the quality of design, thick stock paper. Black, Gold, and Red with a picture of a farm at sunset.

Guyacan Cigars Smoked

First puffs– Soft black pepper notes and cayenne fill the palate. The pepper starts slow but builds in strength quickly. Draw is opening up nicely, producing a fair amount of smoke.
First third– Earth and nuts push through the pepper. Accompanying this is cedar and the sweetness of cocoa. The smoke  is creamy and light, producing ample smoke now. Burn lines are forming nicely.
Second third– Much more earth and cedar, with hints of dried fruit. The creaminess has faded a bit. There are more spices as well. I pick up cinnamon and cumin. The draw is much better now, creating a light flaky ash though.

Guyacan Cigars Smoked Final

Final third– Spices and cedar fill the flavor this third. Pepper is more prominent now along with hints of cocoa again. The draw and smoke production remain consistent and strong.


Overall an extremely richly complex flavor packed cigar. This is probably not for the newer smokers out there, it will be too overwhelming. If you have smoked your fair share of cigars, then you will really enjoy the flavor nuances that are held within this cigar. Noel Rojas has done a phenomenal job with this cigar. For around $6 you wont find many cigars at this price point that will beat it. You can buy these at some local shops and online at Cigar Federation.

To find out more visit Guayacan and twitter @GuayacanCigars


Ezra Zion FHK


Brand: Ezra Zion

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés

Binder: Indonesia

Filler: Brazil and Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Size: Character (Belicoso Box-Pressed) 6.0 x 52

Price: $10.00


Chris Kelly and Kyle Hoover chose to honor their family heritage in the next step of the Honor Series. FHK standing for “Fathers of Hoover and Kelly”. They released this cigar on January 1st of this year at 12am, making this officially the first cigar released this year. A nice marketing tactic indeed, getting a jump on the competition. A great looking cigar that stands out. There is a soft sweet cocoa scent on the wrapper mixed with a hay like quality. A rich brown wrapper is adorned with Ezra Zion’s great band. There is a second band on the foot stating “FHK Honor Series”.

First puffs– Rich oak and pepper pour out and overwhelm the senses. There is cocoa and floral taste that is subtle but noticeable. Very nice draw with a clean burn.

Ezra Zion FHK first third

First third– A soft cocoa and espresso now dominate the flavor profile. Along with floral and oak notes. The floral really stands out, it is such a unique taste that is bold but not overpowering. The burn lines are fantastic. Drawing very nicely and producing ample amounts of smoke.
Second third– The floral notes become more prominent now alongside the cocoa and espresso. The flavors sit so nicely on the taste buds. Pepper has all but fallen out of the flavor wheel at this point, leaving a dull sweetness but mostly earthy tones. Really flavorful in notes that are presented though, along with being creamy smooth.

Ezra Zion FHK Final third

Final third– Many of the same flavors remain. It does return more to a oak finish however, with the cocoa and espresso with it still, as this seems to be the ongoing theme here.


Overall a great smoke that shows the growth that Ezra Zion has been through. A nice 50 minute smoke that hit the spot when it comes to cocoa and espresso notes. The kicker was the hint of floral that seemed to weave in and out. I personally am a fan of Ezra Zion as they take a ton of pride in reaching out to their smokers and making sure that the product has come to full fruition and is being enjoyed. I suggest trying this out as its a tasty cigar you will enjoy.


To find out more visit Ezra Zion and twitter @EzraZionCigars


Bodega Reunion Digestivo


Brand: Bodega Premium Blends

Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Corona Gorda 5.5 x 46

Price: $10.00


Bodega Premium Blends (BPB) has entered the cigar industry as the newest addition to House of Emilio’s stellar cigar lineup. Providing a “Boutique” cigar experience. According to BPB site, this cigar is best suited after a meal as Digestivo usually refers to: “a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage that is specifically served after a meal. The purpose of a digestive is to aid in the digestion following a meal.” I have already had the pleasure of smoking the Aperitivo so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Digestivo. The rich chocolate brown wrapper just oozes with sweet tobacco scents. The double band on this cigar is top notch just like the Aperitivo’s, A silver tree with a red background, surrounded by a vignette with leaves. A second band adorns this cigar with the name Digestivo. Cold draw has a soft wood flavor with a hint of spice.

Bodega Digestivo first

First puffs– There is a nice wood and earth mix along with a small hint of pepper. The flavor is rich and thick. This is probably one of the most complex first puffs I’ve had, a lot is going on.
First third– Pepper notes have picked up in strength, but not by much. I still get wood and earth with hints of hay. There is also a molasses type sweetness, dark and rich in flavor. The draw is very nice, producing ample amounts of smoke. Burn lines are practically flawless.

Bodega Digestivo Second

Second third– By the time you get the halfway point, your mouth is coated with pure flavor. The mix of wood, earth, pepper, and molasses just blend perfectly. Smoking very smoothly with a great draw and the burn is still amazing.
Final third– Now there is a creamy touch to the cigar, really emphasizing the flavors. Consistent and pleasing, still producing a nice amount of smoke and drawing smooth.


Overall a really enjoyable cigar that really has a nice full range of flavor. I can see why its intention is for an after dinner smoke, its flavors will overtake your palate and please the senses. Bodega and House of Emilio have a real winner with the Aperitivo and Digestivo lines, as I thoroughly enjoyed both. I would suggest buying and adding to your humidors rotation.



To find out more visit Bodega Premium Blends and twitter @BodegaCigars



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