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Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured


Kentucky Fire Cured


Brand: Drew Estate

Wrapper: San Andreas (Kentucky Fire Cured)

Binder: Kentucky Fire Cured

Filler: Kentucky Fire Cured

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto “Fat Molly” 5.0 x 56

Price: $7.50


The newest release from Drew Estate and part of MUWAT, comes the Kentucky Fire Cured line. A cigar more than 2 years in the making, consisting of the Fire Cured stalk-cut tobacco’s. It comes in 3 sizes a 6 x 52 called “Just a Friend;” a 5 x 56 dubbed “Fat Molly” and a 4 x 46 vitola called “Chunky,”. The smell is leathery or a burnt tire and the dry taste is also leathery with spices intertwined. The wrapper is such a deep leathery brown that it just oozes smokability. Drew Estate opted for a simple band that focuses on a southern feeling typography. This is brilliant, it’s simple and allows the cigar to be the focus.

Kentucky Fire Cured first

First puffs– The draw is so nice right out of the gate, producing steady smoke. The flavor profile is surprisingly mellow from what the initial taste would have led me to believe. There is a bold barbecue taste with a leathery finish, mixed in is touch pepper.
First third– Smoky Barbecue fills this section of the cigar and it is very meaty in quality. It is really smoking smooth with a medium body, producing ample smoke.
Second third– Flavor profiles aren’t shifting. There is however the introduction of some more spice. I also got a shot of what tasted like wintergreen mint right in the middle point, it provided an almost menthol like taste. The burn on this cigar is phenomenal to this point, perfectly even. Along with a continually nice smoke production.

Kentucky Fire Cured second

Final third– Mellowing out now and coming to a very nice ending. The barbecue flavors are still going strong though.
Overall a fantastic smoke. Drew Estate has been blowing the cigar industry up with its imaginative blends and design. Noone is as cutting edge right now. I personally loved the barbecue flavors that made me feel like I was by the lake on a nice summer day, even if it was a cold cold night. If you are into barbecue, beef, meat products, manliness, and overall good tasting cigars, then this is a cigar you will love as well.

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Drew Estate Nica Rustica


Nica Rustica

Brand: Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Mediums

Binder: Mexican San Andrés Negro

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Toro 6.0 x 52

Price: $6.95


One of Drew Estate’s end of 2013 launches, the Nica Rustica presents a bold take on the Nicaragua blended cigars. The San Andrés Negro wrapper is just beautiful, so rich and enticing. Along with the appearance comes a smell that is slightly sweet and musky. The band is pretty cool on this cigar as well. It has a mustard yellow background with raised red letters that looks like a stamp with the name on it. It has a vintage feel to it. The cold draw is a bit spicy.

First puffs– The initial smoke is light with hints of cayenne like spices and cocoa. The draw is superb right from the start with a smooth finish. The smoke production is awesome as well, just pouring out.
First third– The cocoa sweetness is coming through even more now along with a nutiness and cedar notes. The sweet flavor is totally different than any other cigar I have had, it kinda minty, which I cant recall ever tasting unless it was a flavored cigar. The spice has settled and the draw is still going strong.

Nica Rustica Smoked

Second third– The transition brings a meatier flavor to the mix, along with it comes more hints of spice. The burn is even and remains steady along with the draw.
Final third– The spices have kicked in again with nuttiness underneath. The draw has slown down a lot, I had to relight a couple times to keep it going. The sweet cocoa has almost completely dissipated.
Overall a very solid addition to the Drew Estate portfolio of cigars. I would say they are just under the superb Liga Privada line of cigars but this is for sure a must try and could be a great filler for your humidor. Head over to your local cigar shop and grab a stick to smoke, you will not be disappointed.
To find out more about this cigar visit Drew Estates and tweet @drewestatecigar

Drew Estate Feral Flying Pig



Brand: Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Viso

Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Double Figurado 5.5 x 60

Price: $16.00


This is a fatty stogie. The wrapper is a really nice dark chocolate brown with visible lines. It smells amazingly sweet with a hint of spice. The cold draw has a nice cognac sweetness to it and hits with some pepper. The standout feature here is the pigtail cap that just sets the cigars theme up perfectly. Along with the pigtail cap, the band gets special treatment with “FERAL” printed on it.

First puffs– Right away there is a blast of pepper and dry cedar. There is a bit of cocoa sweetness as well. The draw starts out slow but is building.
First third– The pepper is fading in and out, intertwining with the cocoa. The smoothness falls in line with the others in the Ünico Serie line, it’s amazing. Seriously this is almost cigar heaven.
Second third– Still the same flavors. Although it is a bit musty in flavor at the halfway point. The mixture of flavors is so tasty. This cigar is smoking like chimney, just puffing along. The smoothness and draw are flawless.


Final third– Spices have gotten stronger but the smoothness is and creaminess are still there and this cigar is smoking like a champ.

Overall another successful cigar in this series. Really you cant go wrong with any of the cigars in the Unico/Liga line. The Feral Flying Pig does stand out a bit more for its cocoa creaminess though. I found this to be a cigar that I could smoke almost all the time.

To find out more about this cigar visit Drew Estates and tweet @drewestatecigar

Drew Estate Dirty Rat


Drew Estate Dirty Rat

Brand: Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut & Cured Sun Grown Habano

Binder: Plantation Grown Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduras

Strength: Medium

Size: Corona 5.0 x 44

Price: $12.00


I finally tracked down a Ünico Serie Dirty Rat from a member on cigargeeks.com. A very petite cigar that smells sweet with a little bit of must. There is a pigtail cap on this cigar with a dark “dirty” brown wrapper with prominent leaf lines. The cold draw has a sweet and spicy mix.

First puffs– A very odd first draw, really tight with low smoke, then it opened up after some big puffs. There is a subtle sweetness and a dull pepper. It’s very mellow and soft on the palette. One of the smoothest starting cigars I’ve had in a while.
First third– Oh man oh man is this a smooth creamy smoke. The mix between soft sweetness and the spicy pepper are perfection. There is also a bit of musty cedar in there as well along with hints of chocolate. It is drawing much better now.

Drew Estate Dirty Rat Smoked

Second third– Flavors have picked up the spice area but are not overwhelming, just the right amount. I can also taste more of the chocolate sweetness coming through. Really a nice smoke so far.
Final third– Spices are getting even stronger now towards the end. Towards the nub it’s really strong. But it is still smooth and somehow even creamier now. Just great smoking enjoyment. Kinda odd because it feels like the cigars flavors smoked backwards from most others.
Overall a smoke that will leave you wanting to smoke another couple, it’s that good. I know this has been out for a while now (since 2009) but it’s a classic in my book. It really shows the masterful skills of Drew Estate blending.

To find out more about this cigar visit Drew Estates and tweet @drewestatecigar

Drew Estate UF-13 Dark Ünico Serie


Drew Estate UF-13 Dark

Brand: Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Dark Mediums

Binder: Plantation Grown Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua Cuban Seed

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto Parejo 5.5 x 52

Price: $14.00


I continue my journey through the Liga Privada line, now getting to the Ünico Serie cigars. Exclusive blends that are limited in production and full on unique flavor combinations. I finally got my hands on the UF-13 which is part of the Liga Privada Ünico Serie. The UF stands for Unico Fuerte and “13” is the factory muestra number. This cigar smells delightful. Softly sweet with a spicy undertone. The wrapper is so dark and beautiful to look at, powdery, and there are visible leaf lines. The stand out feature is the pigtail cap. Band remains constant with the Liga line of cigars, an industrial feel to it, well designed. I snip and light it up.

First puffs– There is a little pepper out of the gate. But there is a subtle sweetness that creeps in. Along with hints of oak. Very mellow blended start. The flavors mix perfectly. Draw is a tad tight causing smoke production to be medium.
First third– Pepper and a dry oak fill the palette. The finishing flavor tastes like a dry powder chocolate. The draw has improved a lot is smoking wonderfully now.

Drew Estate UF-13 Dark Smoked

Second third– The chocolate is coming through more along with a dry oak. Very smooth and creamy smoke so far. Construction is so good, producing a tight ash.
Final third– A mix of the same flavors, a bit more pepper though, but they are welcomed. Steady and oh so tasty. Still drawing good and smoke is great.Overall a fantastic smoking experience. Great oak flavors mixed with pepper and chocolate. True to the Liga Privada line this is a cigar that has it’s flavors perfected. I highly suggest hunting this down and smoking one. You will not be disappointed at all.

To find out more about this cigar visit Drew Estates and tweet @drewestatecigar


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