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Balmoral Añejo XO


The Balmoral Añejo XO is being officially released this weekend at IPCPR in New Orleans, although I was able to find it at two retailers the week before the show. This cigar is packed in 20 count boxes and comes in three sizes. Balmoral is a brand under the Royal Agio Cigars umbrella based out of the Netherlands. Their other brands include Mehari’s, Panter, and De Huifkar. The Balmoral line is distributed in the U.S. by Drew Estates and is only available at their Diplomat retailers.

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Drew Estate IPCPR 2014 Preview


I am super Excited for Drew Estate’s lineup this year at IPCPR 2014. We get more of the KFC line, which to me are a prime example of Drew Estate making bad ass cigars. We will also see an update to the Bait Fish line as well. Below is what we can look forward to seeing.




Kentucky Fire Cured Sizes, “Delfinas”, “Kyotos”, & “Hamhock”:

The Kentucky Fire Cured line is being expanded by three sizes: the Delfinas (6 x 26), the Kyotos (5 ½ x 34), and the Hamhock (3 ¾ x 56). All three sizes are based on the original KFCC blend, which features smoked tobaccos as well as dark air cured tobaccos.


Herrera Estelí Norteño:

The “Norteño” showcases extensively aged tobaccos from the Estelí and Jalapa growing regions of Nicaragua, coupled with a spicy Honduran binder and a rich, bold Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper. The “Norteño by Willy Herrera” will be available in six vitolas (click here) at select Herrera Estelí retailers nationwide.


MUWAT Nightcrawler:

A 4 ½ x 50 “Short Robusto” based on the stronger Bait Fish blend. Drew Estate’s customers asked for it, and we’ve delivered – A bigger Bait Fish size. The MUWAT line will also debut a new packaging style at the IPCPR tradeshow.

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Drew Estate Announces Undercrown “Dogma”


Drew Estate Announces Undercrown “Dogma” Commemorative Cigar & “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” Giveaway

Miami, FL – Drew Estate announced today their plans to release a new size within their Undercrown cigar line. The size will be called Undercrown “Dogma”, and has been created to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the online community Cigar Dojo. The blend of “Dogma” is based on the Undercrown Corona ¡Viva! and is comprised of Mexican San Andreas wrapper, Connecticut Stalk-Cut Habano binder, and Nicaraguan & Brazilian Mata Fina fillers. The “Dogma” will come in a 6 x 56 box-pressed vitola.

When asked about the “Dogma” project, Jonathan Drew said, “we have been major supporters of Cigar Dojo from the beginning. A handful of Drew Estate employees, myself included, are Dojo members, and we have always been floored by the support Drew Estate has received on the app and website. When Eric (owner of Cigar Dojo) approached us about coming up with this special commemorative cigar, it was a no-brainer. My dad, “Baitfish” Gary, came up with the name ‘Dogma’.”

The “Dogma” will be a limited run of 10-count bundles, and will be sold exclusively through Smoke Inn, a South Florida cigar retail chain, owned by Abe Debabneh. For those based outside of Florida, the cigars will be available through Smoke Inn’s web store. The “Dogma” will be priced at $9.95 MSRP per single and $99.50 MSRP per 10-count bundle.

The flavor profile of the “Dogma” aligns with that of the Corona ¡Viva!, featuring notes of cocoa, earth, and a rich spicy character. If you enjoy the Corona ¡Viva! but would like a longer, 56 ring gauge smoke, the “Dogma” will be a new favorite.

In tandem with the release of the new “Dogma” size, Drew Estate will be running a social campaign and giveaway through their website which will allow consumers to try the cigar before it hits the market. To enter, visithttp://drewestate.com/dojodogma. Unfortunately, the giveaway is not available in MA, MI, and VA due to anti-tobacco promotion laws within those states.

The Undercrown “Dogma” will be available for pre-order Friday, March 28th, 2014, through SmokeInn.com. In the meantime, make sure to enter Drew Estate’s “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” giveaway for your chance to try the cigar before anyone else in the country. If you have any questions, please contact Drew Estate’s Public & Media Relations representative, Johnny Brooke, at jbrooke (at) drewestate (dot) com.

About Drew Estate:

Founded in New York City in 1996 by two former college fraternity brothers who shared a dream to become world-class cigar makers. Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel led Drew Estate to become one of the largest and fastest growing cigar companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”™ Drew Estate has defied the odds by innovating new elements to the cigar industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that have attracted new and old cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, their Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces successful brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Java by Drew Estate, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, Natural, Nica Rustica, Tabak Especial and UnderCrown.

Drew Estate Nirvana

Drew Estate Nirvana

Brand: Drew Estate and Royal Gold Cigars

Wrapper:  Cameroon

Binder:  Mexican San Andrés Negra

Filler:  Nicaragua (Jalapa Valley and Estelí)

Strength: Full

Size: Toro 6×52

Price: $10.85

Produced in Drew Estaste’s La Gran Fabrica in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper is Cameroon but the stick I smoked didn’t have a particularly oily wrapper of other Cameroons. A sweet tobacco sent escapes the wrapper. From the cold draw I get a light pepper taste. The construction of the cigar is top notch, as you would expect from Drew Estate. The band is on the bigger side, with gold foil done elegantly with a mural of La Gran Fabrica. There is also a smaller gold band at the bottom of the stick with Drew Estate’s logo printed on the inside.

Drew Estate Nirvana

First puffs–  I  get a white pepper taste that hits immediately. There is also a bit of cedar that bolsters the flavor profile. The draw on this cigar is light and the smoke production is heavy for about the first third.
First third– The stronger pepper taste has mellowed some and given way to a stronger cedar taste. There is also a bit of sweetness to it. This cigar is light and very enjoyable so far, perfect for a mid-morning smoke.
Second third– The strong cedar taste continues to dominate this cigar, but a hint of bourbon is creeping in at the end of each draw. The light pepper taste remains as an undertone. The pull remains easy, although the smoke level has decreased quite a bit.

Nirvana Smoked

Final third– The pepper taste returns to a more dominant role and the bourbon taste has subsided. The cedar taste remains constant. This cigar burned even the whole way down to the nub.

Overall I really enjoyed this cigar. As I said before it is a great smoke for late mornings. I also think this would be a great choice for a new cigar smoker. I will probably keep a couple of these on hand for both situations. This is a very different offering for Drew Estate, but I think they pulled it off well and made a great stick.

Drew Estate Nirvana


Miami, FL, February 5, 2014: Royal Gold Cigars has partnered with renowned cigar manufacturer Drew Estate for their latest premium, hand-rolled cigar release, NIRVANA CAMEROON SELECTION. The new cigar features a luscious, light-brown, Rosado wrapper grown in the Eastern province of Cameroon, Africa.


The wrapper is grown by small farmers who, when it’s time to cure the tobacco, clear an area of land and construct a rustic curing barn. This completely natural process translates into a leaf almost devoid of disease and also produces some of the best tasting Cameroon leaf in the world. The origin of the Cameroon seed varietal is Sumatra Indonesia, which has been grown in Africa for over 60 years.

The balance of the blend consists of fillers from Nicaragua, specifically Jalapa and Estelí, along with a portion from the Jamastran region of Honduras. The binder is San Andreas tobacco from Mexico.

When reached for comment, Drew Estate co-founder Marvin Samel responded from their Miami office stating that, “the beauty behind the Nirvana blend is the combination of Cameroon wrapper and Nicaraguan filler leaves. Cameroon leaf is from Africa and is known for its sweetness and a natural sweet spice taste. Blending the strength, body, and richness of the Nicaraguan tobacco with the Cameroon allows a nuanced & layered depth to really come through. This is not an old fashioned mild Cammy. Quite the contrary.”

Co-founder and company namesake Jonathan Drew stated, “Nirvana is extremely important to Drew Estate Tobacco Company for a variety of reasons. First, Nirvana will join our product lineup as one of only two brands that we produce for strategic partners. Second, our relationship with Alex Goldman is akin to that of a brother. When he hurts, we hurt. When he succeeds, our hearts are filled with pride.

The brand Nirvana is a long-term relationship that begins with the Cammy Selection. Testing and experimenting with different blends, different algorithms of leaf and concept – is the beauty of creation. We have a lifetime to learn together. Nirvana will be that common space and bond between DE and Royal Gold. We will deliver something beautiful that proves itself over time. We are in no rush.”


The new NIRVANA line is offered in five sizes, including a 6×46 Corona Gorda, 5×52 Robusto, 6×52 Toro, 6×54 Torpedo, and finally a 4×44 size called the “Silencio”. The line will be available exclusively through Royal Gold Cigars distribution network. The first shipment of NIRVANA will be shipped in unique, limited edition, wooden display boxes featuring beautiful silk screen graphics.

The cigars are produced at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica in Estelí, Nicaragua. The facility currently produces 95,000 hand-rolled cigars per day, without the assistance of any machines. The factory is known for their other highly-praised lines, including Herrera Esteli, Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID Cigars by Drew Estate, and many more.

When asked about the new partnership with Royal Gold Cigars and Drew Estate, company president Michael Cellucci shared his excitement. “We have worked with Alex (Goldman) for years and have always been close friends. This new venture allowed us to collaborate on a project we are both proud of and both committed to.”

Royal Gold Cigars president Alex Goldman stated that, “When I started Royal Gold at the beginning of 2013, my vision was to work with the best blenders and factories in the world to create our brands. Of course, Drew Estate was right at the top of the list. The talent and creativity of the Drew Estate team, combined with all the resources that Royal Gold, its parent company, and my own history in the cigar business, allowed us to create a truly special blend. The limited nature of the Cameroon wrapper will not allow us to produce all the cigars that we feel the market will demand, but you can be sure that neither Drew Estate nor Royal Gold will trade quality for quantity – we will keep the production limited to ensure the best possible product is delivered to our consumers. Both the Royal Gold and Drew Estate names and logos appear on the packaging, and as such we will always stand behind the quality of this product. This is just the first brand of what I hope will be a long term collaboration between Royal Gold Cigars and Drew Estate”

Information on ordering NIRVANA Cigars can be obtained from Royal Gold Cigars by telephone at 800 524 4406, by email at info@royalgoldcigars.com, or on the web at www.royalgoldcigars.com.

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