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Perdomo Lot 23


Perdomo Lot 23

Brand: Perdomo

Wrapper: Connecticut

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto 5.0 x 50

Price: $5.00


This was my first Perdomo and from what I have read this is a super solid cigar with a fantastic price point. So far, price point is awesome. So I picked one up to smoke. The wrapper is a really nice oily light brown. With visible leaf lines and it has some black specs throughout. The smell is very sweet with a citrus scent mixed in. The band is a bit clunky, but I get it, kinda has a tropic feel to it. Brand name, edition, and Esteli Nicaragua at the bottom. The cold draw is sweet with a taste of saltiness and coffee.

First puffs– There is a bit of spice that jumps at you right away. Under that it has a dull citrus mixed with earth. The draw is really great, leaving behind an awesome light gray ash.
First third– The earth flavors really dominate along with some wood and coffee. There is a bit of spice left after each draw that rests on my palette. Draw is loose and chugging along nicely.

Perdomo Lot 23 Smoked

Second third– The coffee has stepped up and is really nice. Earth and spice are still mixed in. The flavors are bit barbaric, almost fighting each other. The draw is still great and construction is superb.
Final third– Luckily the flavors have settled down and are playing nicely now. Coffee and earth flavors are at the front. There is still a little kick of spice every few puffs.

Overall a pretty solid cigar with some nice flavors. I wasn’t overpowered with spice which is nice. The coffee was prevalent through the entire cigar pretty much. The construction was pretty much flawless, producing a fantastic solid ash the whole way through. This is a try since the price was so good, which may cause it to become a regular since its so cheap and reliable, an ol stand by.

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