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Illusione Rothchildes



Brand: Illusione

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Size: Rothchildes 4.5 x 50

Price: $4.00


Ive heard a lot of great feedback about this cigar through friends and fellow smokers. I had been waiting to test this cigar out. It made Cigar Dojo’s top 10 list for 2013 and was listed at #3 which intrigued me. Initial inspection shows a rough cigar with a wrapper that has a deep oily espresso look with thick prominent veins. The band is pretty cool but it’s eerily similar to the Herrera Estelli band, gold border with red and white letters, very classic clean look. The smell is great, sweet with a touch tobacco must. There is smoked cashew flowing through the cold draw.

First puffs– Strong and deep oak flavors hit hard and linger. Once the wood flavors are established a cocoa steps in big time. The  draw are fantastic and is burning very nicely.


First third– Wow is this packed with flavors. Cocoa, dried cherries, and an underling deep wooden smokiness. If that wasn’t enough, the draw is impeccable and it’s smooth as silk. The cigar has mellowed out in strength to a medium. Really a nice start to this cigar.


Second and Final third– There are some spices creeping in, kind of a pepper, but not strong. There is a meaty flavor as well, really nice when paired with the cocoa bitter sweetness. The draw has slowed down a tad, but still moving along nicely. Flavors remain until the finish which is great because they kick ass.
Go buy this cigar, seriously like right now. In fact buy a box. The price to value is off the freaking charts. Small stogie, small price, HUGE flavor, simple and straightforward.
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