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Humidor Care


Being a new cigar smoker the humidor is the cigar accessory that I had read most about. There is so much mysticism around the methods that are best. A low 62% humidity gives the cigar a more European taste (dry), where as a 68-72% seems to be what most prefer to keep the cigar just right. Any higher like 75% and the cigar could become too moist. The debate on these humidity levels rage on. I prefer the 70% range, right in the middle. To me this leaves the cigar a tad plush and not to dry.

I have already been through my first humidor, which was purchased from an online store and paid probably $40 for it. You pretty much get what you pay for with humidors I have found, as this humidor started out great but over the past 4 months has sucked. I have been unable to keep the humidity above 60% for any significant amount of time. I am pretty sure I had screwed up the initial seasoning of the humidor. I was only about 2 months into my cigar adventures at that point.

So I scrapped this humidor and have moved on. Went to my local cigar shop as I had spotted a real nice Savoy Humidor that uses the Boveda 2-way humidity system, makes it super easy to use. Throw in an 84% pack and leave it for 2 weeks to season it. Then throw in my 72% packs and its good. Way easier to manage and I know I can count on it to keep my stogies fresh. I am currently waiting for the seasoning to be done and will then test it out, expecting good things though.

Let me know your experiences and any tips you may have by commenting below.

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