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Ezra Zion FHK


Brand: Ezra Zion

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés

Binder: Indonesia

Filler: Brazil and Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Size: Character (Belicoso Box-Pressed) 6.0 x 52

Price: $10.00


Chris Kelly and Kyle Hoover chose to honor their family heritage in the next step of the Honor Series. FHK standing for “Fathers of Hoover and Kelly”. They released this cigar on January 1st of this year at 12am, making this officially the first cigar released this year. A nice marketing tactic indeed, getting a jump on the competition. A great looking cigar that stands out. There is a soft sweet cocoa scent on the wrapper mixed with a hay like quality. A rich brown wrapper is adorned with Ezra Zion’s great band. There is a second band on the foot stating “FHK Honor Series”.

First puffs– Rich oak and pepper pour out and overwhelm the senses. There is cocoa and floral taste that is subtle but noticeable. Very nice draw with a clean burn.

Ezra Zion FHK first third

First third– A soft cocoa and espresso now dominate the flavor profile. Along with floral and oak notes. The floral really stands out, it is such a unique taste that is bold but not overpowering. The burn lines are fantastic. Drawing very nicely and producing ample amounts of smoke.
Second third– The floral notes become more prominent now alongside the cocoa and espresso. The flavors sit so nicely on the taste buds. Pepper has all but fallen out of the flavor wheel at this point, leaving a dull sweetness but mostly earthy tones. Really flavorful in notes that are presented though, along with being creamy smooth.

Ezra Zion FHK Final third

Final third– Many of the same flavors remain. It does return more to a oak finish however, with the cocoa and espresso with it still, as this seems to be the ongoing theme here.


Overall a great smoke that shows the growth that Ezra Zion has been through. A nice 50 minute smoke that hit the spot when it comes to cocoa and espresso notes. The kicker was the hint of floral that seemed to weave in and out. I personally am a fan of Ezra Zion as they take a ton of pride in reaching out to their smokers and making sure that the product has come to full fruition and is being enjoyed. I suggest trying this out as its a tasty cigar you will enjoy.


To find out more visit Ezra Zion and twitter @EzraZionCigars


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