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Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary


Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary

Brand: My Father Cigars S.A.

Wrapper: 2009 Ecuadorian Habano Seed

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan Long Filler

Strength: Full

Size: Toro 6.5 x 52

Price: $20.00


I was lucky enough to grab myself a Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 2013. Long name, relatively short time, but much has been accomplished in this time frame. To commemorate Don Pepin Garcia’s first factory, they have an exclusive production that is limited to 2,000 boxes/28,000 cigars. This could be one of the most sought after cigars this year due to its limited production. The wrapper is a creamy medium chocolate brown with barely visible lines. The band is just gorgeous with its royal blue and gold lining, it just oozes sophistication and elegance. Not to mention it comes in a wood coffin box marked with name and “Limited Edition 2013” on it. There is a spicy and citrus scent to the wrapper. Holy crap the cold draws spice just hit the back of my throat, this is going to be an intense first couple of puffs.

First puffs– My exact words “There is so much spice”, yes it’s a shot to the senses. But good news is it’s brief. After the initial pepper you get an cedar flavor that mellows it out just a bit. There also seems to be a little bit of sweetness underneath like a dried apricot. The draw however is great to start, it is smooth and creamy.
First third– Spices have died down considerably. There are hints of almond paired with a bitter cocoa. The pepper and cedar are still there as well. Getting even creamier and smoother now.
Second third– The pepper has come towards the front but is more mellowed. The flavors are merging nicely. Still smooth and drawing nicely. The ash was spotty in some points but overall the construction has been absolutely top notch all the way.

Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Smoked

Final third– Mostly the same flavor profile with the cocoa being more prominent now, along with a bit of earthiness mixed in. I had to relight once. Other than that still good.

Overall a classic Don Pepin cigar that will blast you with spice then surprise you with its smooth smoking experience. Personally this was a bit to strong for my tastes, kinda knocked me around. If your into full flavored spice cigars, you won’t find many better than this one. Due to its limited release I would highly suggest picking one up when you come across it. You will not be disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship that this cigar possesses.

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