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As I am typing this I am smoking on a Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully. This is the cigar that I started with over a year ago. A journey that has had highs and lows, Connecticut’s and maduro’s, churchills and robustos.

This site has been a thought of mine for a while. A place for a new cigar smoker to come and share their experiences and have easy to read reviews and tips. I am newer to the world of cigars, but am blown away by the depth of this rich industry. I will say that starting out I just grabbed a cigar I had heard of and lit it, burning the hell out of the end and puffing like a fish. As I fought my way through that first cigar I realized that this could be a great thing, but I needed to learn more. I became more and more interested in the different types of cigars; flavors, brands, history, and merchandise.

I started this site to give the new (Newb) cigar smoker a resource that is easy to read and makes sense. There will be reviews, probably with out all the fanciness of other sites I have seen, they will be accurate and easy to follow. I will update whats in my humidor and hope that visitors will suggest what is good and share their thoughts. I will also be keeping up with the industry and discussing some of the stogies on the horizon.

Looking forward to sharing my journey and hope you will to.

~The CigarNewb




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