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Gurkha Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial


I was able to pick up this Reserve Edicion Especial at the Gurkha booth during IPCPR 2014. Upon entering the display we were met by a very friendly sales representative who showed us all of the new blends coming out, and even offered us a cigar to smoke while we looked around. The Gurkha display was huge, one of the largest at the show, not surprising considering their multitude of offerings. We were even treated to a special showing of the new Xtreme cigar and a prototype of the box.

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Edgar Hoill EH Lancero



Brand: Edgar Hoill

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: Lancero 7.0 x 38

Price: $10.00


Edgar Hoill Cigars is famous for their One Shot One Kill (OSOK) line. The EH line debuted in 2013 and I loved this blend the first time I smoked it. This cigar is the 5th offering in the EH line from Edgar Hoill. The Lancero is available in boxes of 25 with single stick pricing at about $10 each. The band is simple with a black background and silver lettering. The wrapper has a smooth deep brown coloring and is consistent along entire stick. There is a very pleasant aroma emitting from the wrapper, with hints of dark chocolate and spicy tobacco. Cold draw continues with the spicy flavor.

First puffs–   The spicy tobacco comes on strong for the 5 to 6 puffs. It really blasts your palate with a literal pepper bomb. Even with so much pepper it is still smooth and tasty. 
First third– The pepper has started to chill out and now I am enjoying a sweet chocolate taste. About an inch into this stick there is a bit of coffee and earthy undertones playing into the mix.  
EH 2
Second third–  The pepper has taken a back seat now with the chocolate flavor adding in a touch of creaminess. The stick is producing a large amount of smoke for it’s smaller ring size. Toward the end of this third there are teases of dry floral flavors. 
Final third– Flora flavors are starting to be more dominant. There is always an undertone of the creamy chocolate. Smoking down to the nub the spicy tobacco hits you again, a perfect ending to this smoke. 

Overall this latest vitola lives up to the high flavor standards of the EH line. The flavors were rich and very tasty. In the middle of the stick it started burning unevenly, but corrected it’s self without the need of a touch up. If you are new to cigars and have never smoked a Lancero give this one shot. 

For more information visit EdgarHoill.com or @OSOKILL


Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero


Brand: Tatuaje

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan 

Filler: Nicaraguan 

Strength: Medium

Size: Robusto 5.0 x 50

Price: $5.50

Originally released in 2011 as limited edition, box-pressed lancero, this Tattoo is a new blend. The original stick had huge following due to it’s flavor packed profile and low price. There was a ton of hype leading up the release of the Tattoo and for good reason, a boutique brand like this normally commands double the price. The wrapper is a deep chocolate color with well defined leaf markings. The band is elegantly done with a blood red background, gold borders and white lettering. A cold draw starts with full earthy flavor and a hint of black pepper. Cold draw continues with full earthy flavor and a hint of black pepper.

First puffs–  The first few puffs are a little harsh with a strong tobacco and leather profile. There is just a pinch of black pepper trying to fight through the savory leather.
First third– This stick has started to mellow out and the black pepper is mixing well with the bold earthy taste. So far the draw is perfect and smoke production is on the heavier side. After the harsh beginning I am presently surprised at how well this cigar tastes. 
Second third– A nice cocoa flavor is starting to make its self present. Now the flavor has really smoothed out and is very enjoyable. There is a bit of a nutty almond flavor at the end of the draw. 
Final third– All of the dominant flavors are bold and present. The only way to explain it, is a perfect blend of the first 2/3s of the stick. Smoking down to the nub, there is just a slight hint of cinnamon. The draw continues to be flawless and the cigar burned perfectly even. 

Overall this is one of the best sticks released so far in 2014. This is a great medium blend, perfect for new smokers. With such a low price point it would be a great everyday smoke. I want to thank Joe from Baxter’s Cigars (@BaxtersCigars), in Phoenix, for recommending I try this cigar.

For more information visit Tatuaje or @tatuajecigars.

Cao Flathead V770 Big Block

Cao Flathead

Brand: Cao

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder:  Connecticut Habano

Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican

Strength: Full

Size:  Big Block 7×70

Price: $9.50

Cao has released this line of Flathead cigars in 4 sizes.  All four sizes are box pressed, keeping with the Flathead theme. The band has a nice 50s Art Deco theme with a red background and raised silver accents. The Wrapper has a deep brown coloring similar to chocolate. In fact, without the band this cigar is so large it looks like a bar of chocolate. From the cold draw I instantly taste an earthy flavor with hint of sweet cocoa.

First puffs– The first few puffs I get a very distinct earthy flavor. There is a slight undertone of woody flavoring, but the earthy flavor is dominating.

Flathead full

First third– The earthy flavor is starting to drop off some. Sweet cocoa is more at the forefront now. The cigar is starting to mellow out and become smoother with a sweet after taste. The smoke production, so far, is very minimal.
Second third–  The cocoa is starting to become a little creamy. This stick is very tasty with a touch of spice added in at the end of the draw. At this point, I have been smoking this behemoth for almost two hours.

Flathead full

Final third– The spice is hitting the palate a bit harder now and the earthy flavor is coming back. The smoke production is actually picking up now, a nice surprise. Toward the end, near the nub, there is a faint coffee taste that rounds out the flavor profile.

Overall I did enjoy this cigar, but it took me more than three hours to complete. Usually I am able to finish a cigar in about an hour or less. I wouldn’t recommend this size of cigar to a new smoker. I would suggest going with the V742 Piston (6.5×42) or the V554 Camshaft (5.5×54). If you love V-8s and cigars try this stick, I think you’ll like it.

For more information visit Cao and @caocigars

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