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American Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association


From the blog of Emilio Cigars, Gary Griffith has posted some fantastic news that I personally hope comes to fruition. The introduction of a boutique cigar association can only help the industry and cigar smokers alike.

“Last weekend at the DC Tweetup the idea of a Boutique Cigar Manufacturers Association came up, and I instantly knew the House of Emilio would be on board.

A more formal announcement will come in a few weeks, but in the interim I’d like to invite small manufacturers to contact me to gauge interest.

Our purpose will be to demonstrate to our elected representatives that we are American small businesses, and to garner support in that way.

Obviously this whole idea is in its infancy, and going forward we will be able to more clearly define our purpose as more and more of our fellow passionate brand owners come on board.

My best wishes to all my fellow manufacturers in the industry. Let’s hear from those interested, and get the ball rolling.

Gary Griffith”

Emilio Cigars Blog

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